• Issac, B. (2009). IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks – Basic Concepts, Mobility Management and Security Enhancements, VDM Verlag, Germany, ISBN 978-3-639-18608-6, 136 pages. ACM link:


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1. This book is very good in that it has some basic stuff on WiFi networks and also advanced               research work done in mobility management and security. I especially like the work done on           mobility prediction and delay management, along with the research on securing ARP and               DHCP. Good to get hold of a copy.
2. This book gives a basic overview of 802.11 wireless networks (which is good for beginners),            along with research results in mobility 
management that include mobility prediction and delay          mitigation, along with security enhancements using secure protocols. It won't disappoint you.



  • Issac, B. & Israr, N. as Editors (2014). Case Studies in Intelligent Computing – Achievements and Trends, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, New York, USA, ISBN 9781482207033, 593 pages.  The book link:


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1. Diverse case studies with AI applications presented in different areas. Very good collection of          articles indeed.

2. It is important to know the applications of intelligence computing and this book addresses that through      many case studies. Highly recommended.

3. It's a nice book covering latest research and innovating solutions for challenging problems. This book        is good for both basic and advanced reader. The chapters provide case studies which are helpful to          understand the importance and applications of the systems proposed. Overall, a great read.



  • Issac, B. & Israr, N. as Editors (2014). Case Studies in Secure Computing – Achievements and Trends, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, New York, USA, ISBN 9781482207064, 500 pages. The book link:



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1. Very good book on security case studies.
2. I like the variety of case studies presented, in more than 20 chapters. I would greatly                        recommend this book.